Collecting data: Consent survey

Published: The story that accompanied the survey was published through the Granite Bay Gazette, and on Vol. 19, Issue 3. Friday, Nov. 13, 2015.

Category: News Gathering

Reason for publication: To relate the consent story (which can be seen here) to the students of GBHS, I decided to conduct a survey which would evaluate students’ general knowledge of consent.


image consent survey

This is a copy of the survey which was issued to students. It tests students’ knowledge of consent by asking them to answer whether or not consent had been given in ten hypothetical situations.

The survey was issued to two classes per grade, it was taken by anonymous and voluntary students and the final result was a response for approximately 10 percent of each grade, which is statistically significant.

Here is the final result of the survey:

consent graphic

This graph represents the total student response from the cumulative classes. Here is an excerpt from the story, which can be seen in its totality here, that explains the individual data from each class level:

The majority of GBHS freshmen have not yet been taught about consent this semester, as they have not reached that point in their curriculum. Be that as it may, a survey administered by the Gazette, given to 10 percent of each grade, given voluntarily and taken from students anonymously, asked if consent had been granted in ten separate, hypothetical scenarios.

   “The survey showed that about 92 percent of freshmen, 80 percent of sophomores, 91 percent of juniors and 77 percent of seniors answered no, consent had not been granted, if one person said yes while drunk. If one party was unconscious, 99 percent of freshmen, 88 percent of sophomores, 100 percent of juniors and 100 percent of seniors said consent was not granted.

 If one party was the other’s significant other (i.e. girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse), 16 percent of freshmen, 20 percent of sophomores, 10 percent of juniors and 12 percent of seniors said consent had been given. Consent had also been given if one party has engaged in a sexual act with the other party before, as according to 16 percent of freshmen, 17 percent of sophomores, 10 percent of juniors and 12 percent of seniors.

 If provocative clothing was being worn by one person involved, 15 percent of freshmen, 12 percent of sophomores, 3 percent of juniors and 5 percent of seniors said consent had been granted. If one party began to remove clothing, 35 percent of freshmen, 25 percent of sophomores, 27 percent of juniors and 25 percent of seniors said consent was granted.

  Most seniors, juniors and sophomores have completed the Health and Safety requirement and have been taught about consent. But the survey results still show a significant amount of uninformed students unsure when clear consent had been given.”


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