Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton

Published: Fresh U. July 12, 2016. Viewable here.


Earlier today, in Portsmouth New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders declared his endorsement for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, thus uniting the Democratic party around her as sole candidate. In his speech, Sanders stated that he hopes to do everything in his power “to make certain she will be the next president of the United States.”

Live video via The L.A. Times

“I have come here today not to talk about the past, but to focus on the future,” Sanders said in the speech. “That future will be shaped more by what happens on November 8 in the voting booth than what happens on any other event in the world.”

The speech took place at a joint rally that was attended by both Clinton and Sanders in a state that Sanders won in February, making history for winning the most votes ever in a New Hampshire primary.

In his endorsement speech, Sanders made clear that his act was for the greater good of both the party and the people.

“During this last year, I have had the extraordinary opportunity to speak to more than 1.4 million Americans at rallies in almost every state in our country … and the profound lesson that I have learned is that this campaign is not really about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders or any other candidate who sought the presidency, this campaign is about the needs of the American people and addressing the very serious crisis that we face,” Sanders stated. “And there is no doubt in my mind, that as we head to November, Hillary Clinton is far and away the best candidate to do that.”

The Green Party’s candidate Jill Stein has taken to Twitter to voice her disapproval of the endorsement and attract possible new voters.

Libertarian candidate for president and New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has also taken to Twitter to speak to supporters of the Vermont Senator who are now faced with either supporting Clinton or finding a new candidate.

Bernie Sanders supporters are also using social media platforms to discuss their thoughts on the endorsement, and many are distressed and disheartened.

Clinton also spoke at the joint rally, saying that, as a team, they “are joining forces to beat Donald Trump.”

“You know what?” Clinton asked, “We are stronger together.”


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