Students build bomb-detecting robot for RNC

Published: Fresh U. July 16, 2016. This story was also featured as one of six stories of the week. Viewable here


  The Republican National Convention, which is quickly approaching and will take place from July 18 through the 21, will be protected by a bomb-detecting robot made by students in Cleveland, Ohio, where the RNC will take place.

  These Cleveland students are part of the Tri-C Gateway to College program at Cuyahoga Community College, which “allows students to complete their high school requirements while simultaneously progressing toward a college degree or certificate,” according to their website.

  This group of students already won the Robotics World Championship using a different robot competing against approximately 700 teams from around the world. They were asked by the Cleveland Police unit to build a robot for the convention and given $500 to do so.

  The students also worked with the police department’s bomb squad to design the robot. The robot created by the Tri-C students works faster and more efficiently than the police department’s full-scale robot, according to Fox 8 .

  “The greatest purpose for this robot is that it can help protect people,” said team member Iris Harris to Fox 8 Cleveland News. “Also, with so much going on in this world, it can help protect our community.”

  According to Fox 8, the students named the security robot “The Griffin” after a teammate who passed away before the international competition. The robot itself is referred to as a ‘spy bot’ or ‘scout bot’ because it is equipped with a camera and can send security footage and because of its small design and ability to travel into compact spaces.

  “The greatest purpose that it can achieve – while they are using it – is to be able to save someone’s life,” one member told Fox 8.


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