Tougaloo becomes first HBCU to study modern day slavery

Published: Fresh U. August 15, 2016. Viewable here.


  Tougaloo college has announced their plan to use a $550,000 grant they were awarded to establish an Institute for the Study of Modern Day Slavery. A Historically Black College/University, Tougaloo College in Mississippi will become the first HBCU to delve into the topic of modern slavery.

  “This is taking classroom knowledge and skills into activity,” Mississippi Public Broadcasting reported that Tougaloo Professor Steve Rozman, who is also the Co-Director of the Institute, says, “working as the historians against slavery. Their motto is ‘using history to make slavery history’ and we’re tied in with that. Our goal is to promote an awareness and help with activity to ferret that out.”

   The College announced that the Institute will focus on such topics as human trafficking and child labor.

  In terms of labor trafficking, the Polaris Project, a leading organization in efforts to end human trafficking, reported that the International Labor Organization approximates some 14.2 million people exploited in forced labor. Additionally, they reported that the National Human Trafficking Resource Center has received over 4,000 reports of labor trafficking since 2007.

  “Tougaloo College has a strong legacy of leading social change and social justice,” MPB reported that Tougaloo College President Beverly Wade Hogan said. “We have always looked at ways that we can use our laboratories here to help strengthen democracy and help to bring about the quality of social change that would impact individuals and societies in positive ways.”


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