Too Good To Go is too good to be true; UK app allows users to buy leftover food from restaurants for discount rate

Published: Fresh U. August 21, 2016. Viewable here.


   One of the more dreaded aspects of college life, especially as a freshman with a meal plan, is the repetitiveness of one’s dining experiences. But, both as a student and food-eating human, it is often too expensive to eat out – or, in other words, to buy a meal which takes more than two minutes to make and does not come served in a paper bag.

  But a new app, which was made available in the United Kingdom, allows users to buy a restaurant’s leftovers at a cheaper cost in an effort to reduce food waste. Too Good To Go is a free app which was started in Denmark and hopes to go international. The app allows users to choose from certain restaurants and buy their leftover food – which they would have otherwise thrown away – at a discounted price.

  “As of August 2016, Too Good To Go has foundations in six different countries,” their website reads. “In the space of barely six months we’ve helped prevent approximately over 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and provided thousands of meals that would have otherwise been discarded to those in need.”

  In addition to providing cost-efficient meals to citizens, the app also allows users to donate meals – according to The Huffington Post, over 1,100 meals have been donated.

  The Post also reports that, in the U.S. alone, 40 percent of food products made available are not consumed, although one in six households struggle to put food on the table. Food waste is an issue, both nationally and internationally, that can be combatted with apps such as Too Good To Go.

  If you are traveling for studies or pleasure to the U.K., Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway or Switzerland, you can enjoy the app and stay on budget. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for Too Good To Go, or a similar application – hopefully it will extend to the U.S. before we graduate college.




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